Lee Un will debut as an MC for “Style Hot” tomorrow!



Okay my korean is even worse than my japanese so here goes, my translation of this webpage — I don’t normally translate korean stuffs (hence the inordinate amount of jap stuffs you have here hahaha, maybe one year later ill start translating korean) but since I’m a sucker for Coffee Prince this article caught my eye and I spent painstaking minutes translating (almost) every word using naver.com.

Apparently Lee Un will start hosting a variety/talkshow called “Style Hot” starting tomorrow, 24th March 2008 at 3.30pm (I don’t even know which channel! tried naver-ing but didn’t get very far). It will feature hot trends, and will introduce styles one by one to the audience, taking on the responsibility of the papparazzi to explain honestly and enlighten the viewer. Lee Un, coming from a modelling background, has a passion for fashion and thus is suitable for hosting the show. Interesting, I wonder what we can learn about Korean street fashion from his show! hope somebody uploads it on youtube 😡


And here is a cool pic (from ELLE magazine evidently) I found of (some of) the coffee prince cast members



3 Responses to “Lee Un will debut as an MC for “Style Hot” tomorrow!”

  1. 1 Lisa

    uwahhhh i love kim jae wook love love love luv luv luv luv luv luv lol

  2. 2 chibichichi

    …He’s dead…can’t believe it…

  3. 3 one

    he is dead,,,
    oh God!!!
    Love u 4ever
    RIP Lee Un,,,

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