Takeda Tetsuya lets on that Kame was considering retirement and marriage



According to this website, today’s Daily Sports newspaper featured Takeda Tetsuya’s account of the Kame-Koizumi affair! Apparently Kame and Takeda-san had a heart-to-heart talk during which Kame said he 1) wanted to get married, 2) he wasn’t suited for an acting career 3) he wants to retire by the time he’s 29 4) he wants to open a boutique!

Kame allegedly (we must still hold some healthy doubts over the reliability and veracity of these sources!) said that he is only able to do dramas now because he is young, but that he doesn’t have the talent to be an actor and that acting is not a simple thing. He is not any better than Takeda Tetsuya himself, OR Koizumi Kyoko, his rumoured lover. That’s why he’d rather pursue his first love, fashion, and manage a boutique next time.

Sigh this is somehow rather depressing! But anyway I wonder how come Takeda Tetsuya (whom I knew naught of until this incident oops, but apparently he’s quite famous in the Geinou circle. Sort of like the grand old-timers i guess?) could just spill the beans about this incident like that. Isn’t it a sort-of-betrayal-of-trust, supposing it is true? Wouldn’t it be strange if he bumped into Kame /Koizumi Kyoko on some dorama-set next time and they’re thinking, “you old man, why did you go and tell the newspapers XXXXX ??” so strange! what a scary entertainment/geinou world! O_O


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