Super Junior’s Han Kyung for the Beijing Olympics! (and other rants/gossip)



Okay you can read the full article here, since it is in English (yay!) and I’m not adding anything new except putting a different picture (which I think looks nicer HAHA). So yes this is a really lousy news-post, except, i must remind myself, i’ve named this a gossip blog not a news-blog! oh wtv it’s really just a vent-all-my-fangirliness-here blog 

OH school was sIAN today, but I was looking forward to blogging! This is like my cut-paste diary of the Asian entertainment world and everyday I can’t wait to prettify it with pics and stuffs. Just got home, but later I think I’ll do a shrine for Gackt + Kame, haha, since I think i’ve been too poppy lately. Need to inject some J-rock into this place, and Kame just because. ^_^ I think I like him best out of KAT-TUN just because he seems much more responsible , but then again he’s the leader. On a random note, I just realised that Satoshi Ono (ohmiya! ahhh!) of Arashi looks like the guy from Death Note, the one who is NOT Kenichi Matsuyama. Ok just googled his name Tatsuya Fujiwara. I think I’m slowly getting obsessed with Kenichi Matsuyama too. My loyalties as a fangirl lie all over the place, fan-whore me! OH NO! HAR HAR wtvwtv okay more shrining later


8 Responses to “Super Junior’s Han Kyung for the Beijing Olympics! (and other rants/gossip)”

  1. 1 banzai

    lol, Ohno really does kinda resemble Fujiwara. I never thought of it 😀

  2. 2 Yuu

    Kame is not the leader of KAT-TUN. KAT-TUN just has no leader.. ^__^;;

  3. but kame’s the “unofficial” leader isn’t he? but in any case he seems MOST leader-like to me man ^_^ haha

  4. 4 Yuu

    yes true.. it seems like he’s been working the hardest in the group.. and mostly everyone just really like him in Japan.

  5. 5 Lisa

    i have loyalties all over haha thats why my friends dont buy me any fan merchandise :< oh i bought the dbsk FITB dvd, then their T 2CD+DVD, and changmins banana shirt, and T and R of the TRICK series, and most recently aAATVXQ 2 GO TELL YOUR SISTER GO GO GO hahahahahah i spent like alltogether 250 fcking dollars already leh. and its all my own money T_T_T_T_T_T__T_Tttttttttt i could die. AND THERES SO MANY MORE THINGS I WANNA GET I FOUND LIKE THEIR PHOTOBOOK AND OGURI SHUNS PHOTOBOOK IN KINO I WANT TO DIE.

    oh yeah. hankyung is my favourite suju member!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6 gaya

    hey can i please get a recording of da Beijing Olympics wen hankyung came coz i codnt get a glimpse of him…can u plz send me a video of it???plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz please….

  7. 7 indira

    hi shiwon………
    hi donghae………
    hi super junior………

  8. 8 oai tran

    well cant believe hankyung hairstyle always look cool.

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