Yamapi to retain a year in Meiji University



Yamapi, currently a fourth year student at Meiji University (omg actually I did not know that), will not be able to graduate this April! His university however, allows people to graduate in September but Yamapi reportedly said that ‘graduating in the Summer is not a bad thing’, indicating a preference perhaps for a summer graduation!


“I really tried my best, but nee, I still lacked 4 modules!!” he said, his smile disappearing from his face.

I find the idea of stars in universities very amusing – the only other instance I think I remember was Hirosue Ryoko attending Waseda University, but she eventually dropped out. Wouldn’t fans horde the universities everyday? How I wish some of them came on exchange to Singapore! HAHA.

(Jap source: here/ Chinese source: here )

On a side note…


I think yamapi reminds me of Luo Zhi Xiang (Alan Luo/ Show Luo) here!!

19 Responses to “Yamapi to retain a year in Meiji University”

  1. hi alan…………………..

    pilm na puter agy dund

  2. 2 sweet heart

    so0o0o0 baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
    i was love him but new
    i heat him

  3. 3 fifi

    hi alan i love you u coz i like film u that corner with love

  4. 4 Takuyachan21

    Yamapi looks like an indian ………..hope he’ll come 2 india

    • 5 Wang_Zi

      there is no way in hell he would visit India >.> pshh good luck with that

      • 6 Wang_Zi

        oh and btw…he does not look like a friggin indian >.>

      • 7 Jen

        Damn, do you have something against Indians? why do you have to be so hateful? they were just stating their opinion, just like EVERYONE else.

  5. Actually, I heard that the Japanese respect privacy.
    So I doubt that Japanese fans horde the university everyday. Maybe in the university, the students are ecstatic of the thought of being his friend or classmate but not as much as stalking him x).
    And I heard he likes walking to places and he does walk to nearby shops without being drowned by fangirls.
    That’s why Japanese celebs have more freedom than Korean celebs. :O

    He eventually graduated right? :]

  6. 9 nada

    jooooooooooosh i hate hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim
    his sooo rude treat his friends in a bad way O.O :s

  7. 10 joyce

    yamapi is a good guy!i love him!!he was just joking about tegoshi!tego anfd yamapi are bestfriends!rumours are rumours!i hate rumours!!yamapi is a good guy!i hate abiru yuu and all the girls that dated yamapi!!they’re all bad!!yamapi is not a bad guy!hi is so innocent!i love him so much and im a filipino!!i want to go to japan and protect yamapi and his band NEWS!i will defintely go to japan to protect him from such bad things

  8. 11 Nyra

    estas mu buenno!!!!!!!!!!!! I love You Yamapiiiiiii!!!!!!

  9. Yamapi and Alan Luo are my Idol

    lavth They so much …

  10. 13 3

    hello alan you is handsome !


  11. 14 helolo

    lol. he does look like an indian in that pic! hhaha i was laughing so hard!

  12. 15 mei-chan

    i think yamapi look like kim hyun joong (F4 Korea). hm?

    • 16 Liz

      ^^I like both but I can’t really see so much it but a lot of people say it’s evident. I only saw it slightly after I heard about it and tried to look for the similarities.
      I think it’s better to say Hyun Joong looks like Pi cause #1 Pi was a celebrity first #2 If you look at Pi you wont see Hyun Joong but if you look at Hyun Joong you can see it somehow if you look for it.

      Actually someone said Hyung Joong is like PI+Jin. It’s like he has Jin’s face shape and nose. Then has similarities with Pi on the rest.

  13. 17 Karlisa

    Yamapi I love You And He Does Not Look Like A Indian In That Picture.

  14. 18 ghost

    sweet heart…….. why it’s so bad do you have any prove

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