Madonna to sing theme song for KimuTaku’s drama



Madonna will sing the theme song for KimuTaku’s drama that will air on FujiTV, currently titled “Change”. As we all (should already) know, the drama is about an elementary school teacher who somehow gets thrown into the political arena and becomes the prime minister. The ballad that Madonna created for this is titled “Miles Away” (wonder what it will sound like.) The drama will start airing next month, every Monday night.


10 Responses to “Madonna to sing theme song for KimuTaku’s drama”

  1. 1 DotDotDot

    Heheh I wonder why there’s no comment….hahahahahahah. I guess just seeing a pic of Kimura and Madonna together will silence anyone. Hmm…well that’s a first. I’m curious as to why Madonna decided to join this project. Thanks for the news.

  2. haha this is a new blog that’s why not many comments! thanks for commenting tho i like to hear what people think of the news imposting!!! ^_^

  3. 3 diah

    thanks for the news, i cant wait to get the dvd, kimutaku as a prime minister and madonna’s voice… i’ve seen almost all kimutaku’s dorama since 2000.

  4. haha my favourite kimutaku drama is love generation!!! ^_^

  5. don’t you think madonna looks like a man? i think she’s on steroids.

  6. HAHA maybe, i couldn’t care less about her though. are you like, cooped up in your room whole day feeling damn sian this easter hol? one more week left right? Haha ^_^

  7. 7 makthemutant

    I’m going to Italy…and damn screwed coz I haven’t done enough mugging!

  8. haha one can never do enough mugging! i jus spent dinner + night talking cock with dad + mum joined us later… sisters never around. im like an only kid! ^_^ n my parents are my new best friends hahaha

  9. i am in heaven just thinking of this queer combo of kimutaku and madonna. thanks for the news!

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