Choi Ji Woo gets woopy and drunk at LV party



Choi Ji Woo refused to get interviewed by reporters at the LV party in Hong Kong (covered in this post) because she was too busy drinking and getting hugged round the waist by Chow Yun Fat!! (What happened to his wife Mrs Chow?!?! Why is he hugging random korean actresses?!)

Anyway after Kanye West finished his performance around 12 midnight, all the stars were streaming out of the party-place but Choi Ji Woo was apparently STILL drinking and being very high and giggly. When she first saw reporters she frowned but consequently started laughing uncontrollably while being supported by two other female companions. As they tottered out of the place Choi Ji Woo still turned back to wave at the reporters.

This is not the first time Choi Ji Woo has behaved in such a vastly contrasting manner – as compared to her elegant and composed characters in Korean dramas. When she had come to HK to promote Air City she had also gotten drunk, but at the time her co-workers had managed to cover up her face to prevent photos of her being taken. Oh dear!




(Chinese source: here)


5 Responses to “Choi Ji Woo gets woopy and drunk at LV party”

  1. Just because she refused to be interviewed, they should not have exaggerated the news. Bad media.

  2. 2 liezl pinero

    well, everybody deserves to be treated fairly…she might be drunk on that affair but still manages to compose herself..its just unfair that other people are too exaggerated…hello!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3 kim

    omg so stupid..,

  4. 4 Thwel

    I love her

  5. 5 LINLIN

    Being enjoy party & get drunk its a common life and happen to all people. Also everybody deserve it. Just because she is a public person, news always exaggerated & judge whatever they like. it’s unfair…

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