Tamaki Hiroshi and Ikuta Toma, winners at the 11th Nikkan Sports Awards


tamakihiroshi11.jpg ikutatoma.jpg

Even though Shika Otoko Awo Niyoshi (read the blurb, in a one-word summary: Deer!) has been scoring unspectacular ratings (averaging 9.9%), it won 3 prizes in the recent 11th Nikkan Sports Television Award ceremony! (these last 3 words are my translations) Tamaki Hiroshi even beat Oguri Shun (oh no! why?! I didn’t even like nodame cantabile bleah) to win Best Actor!

Ikuta Toma also won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Honey and Clover! I can’t wait for holidays then I can start watching all my doramas and fritter my time away.

(Chinese source:here)


4 Responses to “Tamaki Hiroshi and Ikuta Toma, winners at the 11th Nikkan Sports Awards”

  1. 1 Lisa

    i loved nodame cantabile whyyyy T_T it was so frickin funny!!!! it was really funny!!!!

    ah well my holidays are over in two hours, i just spent my whole week wasting away. i watched tatta hitotsu no koi, the kame show. beautiful and sad…. T_T yeah so i have like alot of hw. alot of hw due tmr, i didnt do ANY over the week.

    oh well. RGS.

    anyway i love both actors so its okkkk! ❤ but i like shun best still….

  2. 2 hana

    NOdame is so good.. I agree with Lisa it is really funny..hehe…
    I love those two.. Tamaki and Ikuta.. I’m just curious.. Is there a movie or drama that this two are together??.. They really have a resemblance with each other.. They can be brothers..haha.. how I wish that there is..

  3. 3 anna marie

    yah!toma ikuta and tamaki hiroshi are so much alike!nodame cantabile is so great!chiaki senpai is so handsome!juri and tamaki are really good together!nodame cantabile has a great story!i wish there is a season 2.

  4. 4 ybai

    freak me out!they both look alike…. they are both gorgeous actors and great as well!

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