Josei7: Kame and Koizumi Kyoko break up!



Josei 7 ‘s (女性セブン –> Women 7) 13th March 2008 issue cover: Koizumi Kyoko and Kame break up!

I shall now try and translate this . (If your jap is pro-er, Dozo yoroshikuonegaishimasu. Go read it yourself! HAHA)

Josei 7 reports in its 13th March issue that Kamenashi Kazuya (22) and Koizumi Kyoko(42) have broken up (and with it ends their “20-year-old-difference r/ship”

In late February, Koizumi told her close friends that, “I have broken up with him.” Reports say that while Kamenashi was seriously contemplating a future with Koizumi, Koizumi on the other hands wishes for Kamenashi’s field and world to become bigger (in other words, without her, I presume. I read the this part in the article as – she thinks she’s holding him back.)

The two of them starting dating in April 2006. At the time, paparazzi caught photos of Kame outside Koizumi’s house , and the two of them went to Paris for holiday last July (2007).

Johnny’s Jr, Kame’s agency, reportedly said at the start of the exposure of their r/ship that Kame simply had great respect for such a senior figure in the Japanese Geinou world and was only seeking fashion advice from her, and that their relationship was nothing like what everybody else was speculating it was. (HAHAHA i found this vv funny)   

Regarding today’s publication of Josei7, the two companies to whom Koizumi + Kame belong both said “No Comments.” 

Perverse as it may sound however, I personally found their relationship fascinating! Better than the cookie-cutter relations one normally observes in the entertainment world, this was something abnormal, “Forbidden Love” (ha ha ha), had something Freudian and dark about it. And it was also a very good instance to bring up whenever I argue with other people (who care about the jpop world) that Johnny’s Jimusho is a dark and dangerous and seedy place where they bring up all their boys to have strange habits and weird fetishes.

I noticed also (quite irrelevant) that Nishikido Ryo has a very “gay” and dandy way of waving his hand when he’s talking to the camera, which was very strange and very unsettling. But I’m not surprised if he were gay.

 Also the ohmiya relation- i mean i guess they are MEANT to ACT gay (for fan-service and everything) but after awhile where’s the line between real + not-real? it’d be quite nice if they were really gay though. I don’t know. I need to read more jap news!

kame3.jpg koizumikyoko.jpg

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17 Responses to “Josei7: Kame and Koizumi Kyoko break up!”

  1. I bet this made a lot of fans happy! But if this is a real break-up (and not just a rumored break-up for a rumored couple), then I hope they are both coping well! It’s tough.

  2. haha yes, sounds like kame is still in his idealistic phase, believing everything could and would work out b/w them. sounds very hideaki-takizawa-nanako-forbidden love -ish! HAHA

  3. 3 Lisa

    WTF. WTF?!?!?!??!?!?! SERIOUSLY? I DIDNT EVEN KNOW HE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP. THIS IS REALLY WEIRD. i cant believe it!!!!!!! as in even if its over….. i thought johnny boys werent allowed to have girlfriends or something? omg. holy. but then again i guess kame has really unique taste in everything, like his eyebrows and stuff….

    anyway i agree with you on the johnnys being a dark and seedy place thing too…. look at how all our cute boys turned up/ended up. they are all kind of queer…..but very lovable still! i rmb reading this article about toma and how there were rumours about child prostitution among the upper levels or some gross shit.

  4. haha cos you don’t read chinese papers! they announced his rship with her a REALLY looong time ago in our sg chi papers… i was vv shocked but at the same time tho it was awesome he was standing up to Johnny’s Jimusho! (albeit in a rather unorthodox and unheroic way… VERY forbidden-love! -did you ever watch it? ) and yes i read too about Johnny Kitano molesting all the kids… and i still find it q weird smtimes when i observe nino or nishikido ryo sitting with their legs crossed like girls, which is a totally NORMAL thing to do, but the wAy they do it just sort of unsettles me. okay why on earth am i analysing their BODY behaviOuR?! i really shd sleep + wake up early to do last minute editing of myessay!

    happy end of hols, snaP BAcK to rEALITy oOps there goes graVity.

    anyway have you heard ANY of Big Bang’s songs before?!?!

    and you crazy you left so many comments it flooded my mail. HAHAHA but No i LOVE COMOMENTS cOmMENt COMMENt COmMENT if not it’s so lonneeeely here!

  5. 5 tenshica

    you do know that their relationship as a couple was only rumored a

  6. 6 tenshica

    you do know that their relationship as a couple was only “rumored” and was never proven. i mean kame broke up his friendship with jin so that they wont be seen as gays.. and he’ll ruin their hard work by going out with an old lady…. i think not
    maybe women older but still in their 20’s.. i think ueda would suit it much better.. i mean looking at old ladies boobs… XDDDDD

    and having a “rumored” break-up makes me want to XDDDDDDD…..

  7. hmmm yes i guess their relationship can still be considered a rumour — since the only pictures i could find were VERY BLUR and you can’t really tell — but i can’t really tell so many people are talking about it and neither party (kame OR koizumi) has stepped out to DENY it OUTRIGHTLY… like even Oguri Shun denied outrightly that he was in the park with Kashii Yuu, after news of her engagement broke out. maybe they jus didn’t care but haha ^_^

    *edit (Added at 11.13pm) haha just talked to my friend who’s a KAT-TUN fan also (im only a kame fan haha, esp after it was rumOURED that they had internal divisions! =( jin vs kame =( ) and yah she thinks the rship is a rumour also…. i shall suspend judgment on this one but i guess it doesn’t matter alr cos…. they’ve BROKEN UP!!!whether for real or not HAHAHAHA ^_^ ^_^ *pom poms*

  8. 8 jm_23

    sou desu…!!!
    so the rumours is “NOT TRUE”…!!!
    (nakahinga din sa wakas…)
    that all…

  9. 9 jm_23

    sou desu…!!!
    so the rumours is “NOT TRUE”…!!!
    (nakahinga din sa wakas…)
    thats all…

  10. 10 grace

    wahahaha,,, im so glad that kame and kyoko break up,,bwaharhar,!! ndi cla bagay noh.!!!
    wahah kng aq nlng kxe pinapatulan ni kame eh,,whaha,,.jodan desu yo.!!XD

  11. 11 mimi

    i dont even knoe THAT HE EVEN IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!!
    That lady looks OLD!!

  12. its alright….
    i think Kyoko was “too old” for Kame…
    its ok!!!!!!!
    im so happy!!!
    see da difference between their age…
    kyoko is 20 yrs. older than kame…
    kame is too young for her..
    i love kame-chan!!!

  13. Wb7Che comment1 ,

  14. 14 Kamelover

    Oh my God…my first reaction at the ages was like “Has Kame lost his mind?”
    a] the woman is an old HAG…kAME deserves so much better.
    b] Isnt he a bit oo…i dunno….YOUNG to be considering to settle down with a woman TWICE his age!? o.0

  15. 15 love

    Love has no limits if he’s happy then that’s all.

  16. 16 Iru desu

    Sore wa dame o kamenashi-kun!Kawai no musume ippai o?Nande wa koizumi?Kanojo wa zenzen kawai and too older than you…!

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