Coffee Princes for Korea’s Meteor Garden?



Haha just a thought (too much time on my hands) what about Coffee Princes Kim Dong Wook (left) and Kim Jae Wook (Waffles guy) being the Korean Nishikado Sojiro and Mimasaka Akira???


Matsuda Shota (left) and Abe Tsuyoshi (right) –> both of whom look only so-so to me. HAHA.

5 Responses to “Coffee Princes for Korea’s Meteor Garden?”

  1. 1 Lisa

    KJW KJW 😀 i think he’ll prolly do a really good job….. the other boy seems like too much of a nice boy. then he’ll have to prove his acting chops!

  2. 2 arveth marie

    both of them were really good looking so i think they will probably do good in that said drama…..hehe..cant wait for that to watch!

  3. haha i think they’re both OKAY looking but the coffee prince casting was just so good + chemistry was good too so just looking at them makes me laugh. HAHAHA i can’t wait to watch either! can’t wait to find out the cast too

  4. 4 darialois

    haha, funny. i am happy that i kno who all 4 of those guys are. kim jae wook is a hottie, but its all about oguri shun and mastsujun <333

  5. i’m very like kim jae wook.he very hansome and cool.IIIIIIII LOVEEEE YOUUUUU

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