After 3 years, Jolin Tsai tells of heartbreak (when Jay Chou, incurable playboy, ran away with Patty Hou)


jaychoupattyhou.jpg jolin.jpg

Can you believe it? (Okay if you can’t this is the link to the Chinese newspaper website)
I felt so sad for Jolin after reading it! This was apparently the most candid interview she ever gave(to Apple Daily of Taiwan if i’m not wrong) and she never once mentioned any names (but we all know who.)

Okay here goes my rough translation of the news article (interspersed with my comments) At the start, she kept asking “him” if there was anything going on between him and her, but “he” kept saying no. (JACKASS!)

Then, when photos of them in Tokyo were printed in the media(like the one above and this one):


“He” continued SAYING NO and that there wasn’t ANYTHING going on between him and her, and that in fact, it was because the reporters/the others wanted them to take a photo together. LIKE WTH? so of course Jolin doesn’t believe him, but she says that “the scariest thing in the world is to be the last to know”, and that even at the point she was thinking of how she could save the relationship.

And she talks of how during the rship, his life was her life, his friends were her friends, but after it ended, she realised how few friends she had! And recently there was somebody who said they would get back together (some fortune teller i think) but Jolin laughed and said, “Impossible!”

YES you better not go back to him Jay Chou is an idiot!! I used to be crazy over his songs and everything but ever since.. I don’t know somewhere after the Chopin album he got a bit too poseur, a bit too playeur, and his movie wasn’t THAT great. and he was HORRIBLE in whats-that-show-called with Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li. (not that ive seen it though heh BUT I SAW abaout 3 minutes of it, there was this close up of Gong Li’s face –and my friend was commenting about how it was trembling with all sorts of emotions — and then there was this other close-up of Jay Chou’s face, which just makes one feel like laughing.)

I feel so sad for Jolin!!!

25 Responses to “After 3 years, Jolin Tsai tells of heartbreak (when Jay Chou, incurable playboy, ran away with Patty Hou)”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Feel right now its just one sided story. Beside newspaper like to write false things to make it big. So it’s hard to jump into conclusion. Well let wait for “the other party” to voice out (I don’t think he will) and see. LoL

  2. 2 Lisa

    oh yeah today i had tuition and i read that article too…. (in chinese) ah well… failed romances, but i still love jay chou…. DONT YOU TOO? i mean my sister used to love him too…

  3. 3 fatfish

    i like his music! have u heard 彩虹??
    and the title you’re looking for is “Curse of the Golden Flower”

  4. hahaha i like jay chou’s music too.. like LAST time. no i haven’t heard rainbow. and yes thanks for the reminder ! ^_^

  5. 5 sleepy

    carefull…. you’re falling into jolin’s trap – to villify jay and make herself seem the victim. i think you shouldn’t be too quick to judge jay, especially since this is a very BIASED interview as it is done by jolin herself.

    btw, don’t you think it’s fishy that she suddenly gave this ‘revelation’ in the wake of the rumours that she was involved in the edison chen scandal.

    wake up, drink a cup of coffee. don’t fall into jolin’s ploy of making herself out to be the innocent victim.

  6. haha i think it’s also because im already biased agAinst jay chou.. i mean even he himself admitted that he was a player, and even the r/ship with patty hou also ended ungraciously. you’re right that jolin prob wanted to make herself seem the victim, but I think we should also look at jay chou’s personality (or at least what we can ever kNOW of him thru the media) apart from his musical talent, he’s not that perfect either! ^_^ haha just my thoughts lah. cheers ^_^

  7. 7 Lissy

    1stly we all already knew that jay himself is a playboy. he too will play with anyone… maybe he’s the same as edison… we never know. but wat we must know that though he’s a play, every1 know, but… we still like him…. no big deal.. from few years back… point of view has already change… do u think we still have a lot of virgxxs around?
    dun think so… whether u’re a play or u’re being played… these are just life and consequences you have to face when u’re open minded… we are in the future.. not the past…

  8. 8 arashi fan

    jay is a play boy.
    u all should watch the interview by her ex gf, i duno her name, she’s a singer … but not very famous.

  9. 9 teph

    i think you can’t judge jay chou like that..b’coz artist’s life have many mysterious things..who knows jolin tsai can back with jay chou..^_^

  10. 10 jolinerz

    Jay is SUCK!!!
    Jolin is the best…try to know her….& also her music…
    You will say like me that “SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!”

  11. 11 Little-one

    You know joiln is only trying to make her self look like the poor hard done by girlfriend. Jay is a great talented girl and I would be happy to have dated him for 2 years. Jay is still the best

  12. 12 Mike

    Love Jay’s music. He has talent, no doubt about that. But he, like so many male stars, have long since forgotten how to treat women right once they get famous. It’s ironic. Jay wrote some of the best romance songs I have ever heard, but he obviously is interested only in the “superficial aspect” of love.

    Having said that…I hope Jolin get “smarter” soon. I mean come on! You couldn’t tell Jay was a player?!!! And what is up with all this sexy picture/video stuff with Eric? For you girls out there, please take a lesson from this. DON’T LET YOUR BOYFRIEND TAKE PICTURES OF YOU NAKED!! Seriously, unless you guys are married you are just risking your career and future.

  13. 13 Eat It Bitch

    Well they already proved that the Chen Pics of Jolin are not her just some wanna be .

    I am thinking she probably has been trying to move on for a while. She has the public eye up in her business all the time. I am sure she feels like if she finally addresses it. People will get bored with the topic and move on.

    I Wanna See more Chen Pics. I dont know why people are giving them such a hard time.
    His privet business was violated. These people are grown up HUMAN beings who have sex, eat food and take shits like the rest of us.

    P.S. Jolin Da Bomb ^^

  14. Actually, I’m not a fan of any of them. But there are too many reports of Jay with this girl, the other girl. So many! And during the 2003, 2004 period, everyone thought that Jay and Jolin were the ‘Best Couple’. Everything was ok until Patty Hou came into the picture. After that incident, noticed that Jolin didn’t want to mention about Jay that much.

    Maybe Patty was trying to make use of Jay. I didn’t even know her until her rumours with Jay. Many people around me were like “Wow. Who’s Patty?” That was when she became famous due to her boyfriend.

  15. 15 anna jane posequit

    anna jane says patty hou is the liar of all

  16. 16 anna jane posequit

    anna jane says patty hou is a liar her age is 38 she only uses la mer cream to make her skin look young .

  17. 17 Shizuka

    Petty Hou is a Hole! Slut!

  18. 18 Shizuka

    oh my gosh have you guys her Patty Hou talk? her voice make me wanna puke!!!
    what a fake bitch!

  19. 19 Beth

    none of you know Jay so what right do you have to run around calling him a player? You dont know what happened between them, You only hear Jolin’s side. Jay is just another human being..and a male one at that lol, he’s not going to be perfect, he will make mistakes, so back off and leave him alone!!

  20. 20 alyssa lim

    patty hou is now old . old enough to be a grand mother ,

  21. 21 alyssa lim

    piolo pascual of the philippines is the baklita , be care ful lee min ho on your trip to the philippines ,

  22. 22 lea

    patty hou and piolo pascual are very the same they both use la mer cream

  23. 23 anya

    patty is like piolo pascual . . . bakla !

    jolin bitch talaga .

  24. 24 Jay chou sucks

    Jay chou sucks! he doesnt even have a degree! OMG what a loser

    • 25 ==

      he has more talent than u, more succesful than u, richer than u. stop being an ass

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