TOP and Sandara Park’s Kiss Scene (Ugh!)



Ugh! Apparently Gummy’s MV will be out tomorrow or something. There were reports saying that after news of Sandara Park and TOP’s kiss scene broke, netizens started searching furiously for it on the Korean google (although my Korean teacher think it’s way better than google) naver  and YG Entertainment felt “surprised” that Sandara Park was receiving so much attention from the public. LIKE NO…. It’s just because everybody’s so jealous that she gets to be with TOP!!!! >=( . GRR. Haha. Ugh!!~!



This looks like a familiar scene… like Leslie Cheung-ish in Days of Being Wild. Ahhh his death anniversary coming up eh. Anyway, watch the youtube preview of the kiss here. It’s just like a powerpoint slide of photos , and the real MV is coming out soon anyway so I don’t think you should bother. Ugh I’m in a bad mood. =(


5 Responses to “TOP and Sandara Park’s Kiss Scene (Ugh!)”

  1. 1 xxmillieann85xx

    first of all it is true dat sandy gets attetion with the kissing scenes BUT dat is just partly the reason. one other reason is that she’s already famous in the philippines, so therefore, some of the attention are from the fans of sandy in phils.

  2. Hi…know what? m ur avid fan….i really really like u sandy..!!!! i hope i will meet in u in person someday!!!

  3. 3 xiah

    i haven’t seen “sandy” hittin’ philippine tv recently. now i’m surprised that she’s getting so much attention back in her hometown kissin’ T.O.P! i’m soooooooooooo jelli!!!!!!! LOL

  4. 4 katreeena

    faccccccccccccccckk!! im soo mad. 1st she’s gonna be all famous in Philippines. now she’s gonna take my TOP. rawrr! im soo jealouss. luckkyy beeeeecctthh!

  5. 5 alps11

    I’m really happy about Sandara park’s career…

    I really like her before and I’m liking her more because she’s really doing well in Korea.

    Girls don’t be jelly, TOP is not that hot… compare to Sandy’s boyfriend JOseph(her first love) here in the Philippines and her love team Hero Angeles.

    Those guys are really attractive plus more talented than your TOP.

    So, I think Sandy’s just doing her job so don’t get mad at her.I don’t even think that Sandy like to do it.. She’s just paid for it.That’s it!

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