Two Jap Movies to look forward to in 2008: The Magic Hour & Paco and the Magic Book




(Click on the pictures to go to the official websites.)

(Don’t you think the posters are wonderful?)

The Magic Hour is directed by Koki Mitani who also happened to direct my all-time favourite Japanese movie ever, Welcome Back Mr.McDonald. (Seriously, go watch it.) Just watched the trailer for The Magic Hour and it promises to be as good (it will open in Japan on 7th June 2008.)

Looks like a rockin’ screwball comedy: The Magic Hour is about a gangster who falls in love with his boss’ wife, who then promises his boss to hire a hitman but instead ends up hiring a part-time actor to play the part until he can get a real one. Also:


Do you remember who he is? (the screenshot is from The Magic Hour’s trailer)


YES! Satoshi Tsumabaki from WATERBOYS! And that’s the COMMON LINK between these two exciting films coming out this year (other than the word “magic” in both their titles); Paco and the Magic Book will come out in Fall 2008, and is one of those fantasy-magical films (trust the Japs for sublime graphics – their official movie websites are all so pro) set in a hospital peopled by strange patients; essentially a bunch of them, including Tsumabaki, stage a play to entertain a young little girl (played by Ayaka Wilson — the one in the poster) who, like Drew Barrymore in 51 First Dates, has a memory that gets wiped out everyday.


So cute!


With Lee Byung Hyun at the Pusan International Film Festival if I’m not mistaken.


This is the film I was talking about; DO WATCH IT! *pom poms*

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