Nishikido Ryo in “Last Friends”



To be aired next month on the 10th of April 2008 on Fuji TV! Click on the image for the official website.


Nishikido Ryo apparently acts as Masami Nagasawa’s abusive boyfriend! Well this dorama is supposed to be about domestic violence or something of the sort. I also noticed Juri Ueno’s photo at the top left hand corner of the screen shot above – we last saw her in Nodame Cantabile, another dorama that did not appeal to me very greatly, strangely. In any case, people have said her tempers were almost as bad as Sawajiri Erika’s, haha! Anyway, back to the more fascinating topic, Nishikido Ryo…

 He has got to be one of the cutest kids that ever entered Johnny’s.



Yamapi on the left,  Nishikido Ryo on the right. (so cute!)


so cute again.

Haha but then I lost interest in him when I watched Kanjani8 interview Leah Dizon, in which Nishikido Ryo (notorious Leah Dizon fan) was giggly and shy and his bliss was so obvious but very offensive to any girl-fan. HAHA. I couldn’t locate the youtube clip of that interview though =(. If not you would know what I mean.


12 Responses to “Nishikido Ryo in “Last Friends””

  1. 1 lisa

    I LOVE YAMAPI. and i think you got it wrong… its ryo on the left and yamapi on the right.

  2. the caption is for the photo ABOVE it!!! and yamapi looks like luo zhi xiang/ Show Luo HAHA. he’s OoOOOOokay la looked cuter as a boy now looks a bit weird!!!! ^_^

  3. 3 lisa

    lol whoops ok my bad haha but i loveeeee pi!!!! but its true now he looks kinda queer (like he got whoopy due to johnnys i bet) and i think he became more queer now that he grew up? he looks like he is uncapable of smiling… and he was such a qt kid so pleasant. and normal.

    i think its kinda lol how ryo has the same expression on the last two photos haha

  4. 4 lisa

    and they are all skinny bitches. like wth why do they look so malnourished!!?!?!?!?! you can totally see their ribs.

  5. they ALL are! when the hols come im going to run + go for hiphop and become star material myself *dreams* hahaha!
    are you learning jap or anything now? im learning jap + korean! have a JLPT 2 prep course tonight GANBARIMASU!!!

  6. 6 lisa

    omg seriously!?!?!? like both languages?!?!?! woooot h8ch u haha. i used to learn jap stopped already aw man!!!!! i wish i could learn too…. T_T where are you learning at?

    haha i dreamt about the star material thing countless times ha ha ha ha and…. u are already skinny…..

  7. you should continue jap! i used to tihnk that i didn’t have enough time… but actually, at your age you have the MOST time!!!! (or i should have inverted the sub clauses my grammar sounds strange) but anyway im learning at bunka + ikoma! ikoma for JLPT 2 prep course and bunka for the kaiwa convo! korean i have a private teacher.. hahaha cos i had a lot of time in my gap year mah. n u haven’t seen me in a lOooong time la hahaha oh yes michelle said u were actually contemplating going for DBSK concert in KL las yr? my sister went w the sg fan club! are u in it???

  8. 8 Kei

    oh damn, i love these guys <#

  9. 9 Holly

    I think Nishikido is doing a great job with his DV character on Last Friends. I hope he gets some kind of recognition with it. Best supporting Actor maybe!?!

    Anyways, for gossipahjooma, please don’t use the word jap, its considered a derogatory word and is offensive. Its along the lines of the N word for African Americans. Please use JPN or JPNZ. Its the correct way to use it.

  10. haha are you serious? about the jap thing.. first i’ve heard of it. JPN reminds me of airlines but ok, ill keep it in mind. ^_^

  11. the “jap” thing is true. I’ve always thought of it as offensive altho a lot of ppl use it unthinkingly. I usually use jpnse but I see that jpnz is way kooler!!! lol. but if you think back to times of war and stuff like that, enemies would refer to them as “japs” and well it didnt sound very nice lol

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