Kurosagi – The Movie



It was released on 8th March 2008 in Japan! (Same day as the Doraemon Eiga! as mentioned in this recent post) For those who don’t know katakana, let’s learn four new characters! Above from left: Ku – Ro – Sa -Gi. Click on the image for the youtube trailer!


Yamapi, looking a bit more than normal like Show Luo here!


Another screen capture of Horikita Maki (On hindsight now that jap website I’d mentioned in the Doraemon entry was probably about her rushing from the premiere of the Doraemon launch to the Kurosagi launch. haha)

Will it come to Singapore? HMM. But it doesn’t matter; I tried watching the dorama but didn’t really like it. I think I’m quite picky. I only like LOL stuffs like Hana Kimi + Stand Up! and artsy-ish thingies like Haikei Chichi Ue Sama. Yasashii Jikan was nice also except I stopped after awhile cos school started I think. Must resume video spamming after exams.

GRR!! Hwaiting!ganbarimasu! Bleahh



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