Doraemon : Nobita and the Green Giant Legend 2008


Nobita and the Green Giant Legend was released today, March 8 2008, in Japan!


Horikita Maki, last seen in Hana Kimi, debuts as a voice actress (seiyuu) in this movie! She’s the voice of a young princess from Green Planet ( I think this character is the one on top of Nobita, as seen above).

horikitamakidoraemon1.jpg  horikitamakidoraemon.jpg

Left: Presumably at the recording / Right: At the launch/premiere thing

Click here for the official website for the anime-movie and here for news on Horikita Maki – apparently she had to rush from the Doraemon 2008 launch to the Kurosagi one, but I’m not too sure because my japanese is still not so pro and im too lazy to plough through every line! 


What big eyes!


Haha I remember this scene from Hana Kimi!

Anyway I guess an entry on the new Doraemon movie shouldn’t have as its focus, uhm, the voice actor of one of the supporting characters… but too bad! culture of youth and pop and celebrities; ill exercise my bimbotic license! Mwahaha.


18 Responses to “Doraemon : Nobita and the Green Giant Legend 2008”

  1. when i was a 5 year old boy my favorite cartoon character is doraemon so i know all about him so can you give me information about doraemon’s sites?? thx alot…

  2. 한국사람입니까? 그 영화의 외브사이트가 이애요! ^_^

  3. 3 chiko_keyko

    ogenki desuka…
    watashiwa chiko san… doraemon wa suki neko.doraemon omoshiroine.wa tashi wa indonesia jin desu. doozo yoroshiku ne

    arigato gozaimashita ne

    watashino denwa +6285242337770

  4. 4 urangawak555

    where i can download this movie???
    susah banget nyarinya (-__-);
    i like doraemon movie, so if enyone know please tell me

  5. minasan ogenkidesuka.anata no e kawai ne.suki taihen.
    doomo arigato gozaimasu. gabbatene…doraemon

    watashino friendster

  6. gambarene…….sho sho omachi kudazai.doraemon suki taihen…..aishiteru doraemon

  7. 偶是裴斗娜鏂鏙讲呕怕

  8. 9 yoyo

    i love doraemon

  9. 10 Alisha (India)

    i love doraemon

  10. 11 kurnia

    my first love is jaiko

  11. 12 chikuma

    I think that she is great! she’s my favourite actress. Hope that she will appear in other shows>^^

  12. 13 dyen

    Watashiwa dyen ( from Indonesia )
    watashino friendster
    i love doraemon

  13. 14 ta


  14. 15 chan

    love doraemon

  15. 16 mayume

    i love doremon so much and maki horikita too…. hehehehehhehehehe…

  16. Ceritanya gmna sih??

  17. 18 pepe

    Mis hijos son fan de DORAEMON nuestros medios dias son para el , nos encanta
    De parte de mi hijo Pepe a Doraemon “” DORAEMON TE QUIERO “”
    De pare de mi hija Irene que “” GIGANTE NO LE PEGUE MAS A NOVITA “”

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