Nakata and his Women


Okay while doing that post on Edison Chen, I stumbled upon a VERY INTERESTING blogpost about Hidetoshi Nakata. As mentioned, very disappointed that Maggie Q was with Edison Chen (ya maybe I’m sloww to find out bleah) but her rumoured ex Nakata, seems like the same type of playeur. Same difference. (maybe Maggie Q likes these kinda guys) 


Carina Lau’s infamous kiss (what an unflattering picture tho; you would think that stars would have more discretion, considering their status)

nakatacarinalau1.jpg More proper photo of the two


Yes that’s Kylie Minogue (Who’s that guy behind her with the groping hand?) And on the right is Amanda S (some model whom I’ve never heard of, but who attended this party with Nakata)



With Chinese actress Zhou Xun.

nakatamilla.jpg and lastly, with milla jovovich. Can you believe I couldn’t find ANY pictures online of the two of them(other than this one)? That’s so strange; I thought their relationship wasn’t just rumour! Well maybe the world can’t really be bothered with them (except people like me- distracted by Nakata’s tangential connection to the Edison Chen sex scandal affair. har har har)

Anyway click here for the original article, which contains more photos of Nakata with other girls – if you’re even interested. haha!

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