G-Dragon’s (Ex?)Girlfriend and the Trans-gender Stripclub incident


gdgirlfriend1.jpg  gdgirlfriend.jpg

Okay im in a bad mood now =(. Anyway the news has been out for more than two weeks, about how Seung Ri supposedly attended a trans-gender strip show at a bar owned by GD’s (Ex?)girlfriend.


yes apparently this is the club.

the link i gave above may have been a bit tOO much though: try this or this, where I got my pics. =(

I’m still in a =( mood – GD has a girlfriend!!!! =( =( But then again, after the whole Edison Chen-sex-photo-scandal incident, I really should temper my wild fan craze thingey. Which reminds me, I should do an entry on the Edison Chen thing haha.

Also, regarding claims of plagiarism (Big Bang’s ‘Lies’, ‘Fool’) I thought the music clip at the end of this entry was quite startling. ONLY for the first minute or so though, by the time it gets to TOP’s rap the two clips sort of sound jarring to me.

174 Responses to “G-Dragon’s (Ex?)Girlfriend and the Trans-gender Stripclub incident”

  1. 1 jackie

    what the hell?
    he has a girlfriend ?
    hell no he doesnt?

    • 2 sherry

      you are right he shouldn’t have on at all!
      not against gd or anything but hell no he doesn’t have a gf! ;[)

      • 3 Nats

        okaie okaieee,
        GOSH ! so what he has a girlfriend,
        its his life, every men will probably one dayy have one?
        isnt it normal for a guy to have a GF??
        ESPECIALLYY, a hottie like this one?! not just you sherry, but everybody,
        like calm down, seriously,
        its not a BIG deal, okaiee, you can be like, oh shes ugly or pretty WTv.
        but like, let him have one. let him have a life, and these things are interesting, ok, but PRIVATE for him, them, any celebrity.
        let them go.

      • wtf why can’t he have a gf?????

  2. rumours rumours that’s why I put an (ex?) in front.. anyway he prob doesn’t have one know gotta keep up with the fan-forums!! =(

  3. what the hell this is so messed up

  4. 7 sarang

    i feel so sad i feel sosososososososososossosososossososososososo sad

  5. 8 Moonlite26

    no worries, it is his ex!!!
    LOL, i was pretty mad when i first heard about this,
    but i guess we shouldn’t be mad,
    we should be happy for him shouldn’t we??
    If GDragon is happy, i’m happy

  6. 9 G-dragons_girlfriend

    g-dragon does not have a girlfriend.they r all rumors.

  7. 11 crazyinlovewithGD

    i hope so T-T what´s her name?

  8. 12 Trann;;


    . . .

  9. 13 sherene_vip

    when i see this i dono wat to say and i duno wat to think !

  10. kill her xD!hahaha i’m just kidding u.u
    i didn’t knew about this
    omg u-u
    but i was sad when i saw the first pic of seungri and his ex gf
    well u.u
    about how Seung Ri supposedly attended a trans-gender strip show at a bar owned by GD’s (Ex?)girlfriend ???

  11. 15 Timbaktu

    yo gals, you all can be jealous of big bang members having girlfriends but why you all have to b pissed and get all frustrated and started bitching? you all cant do anything bout it cuz big bang dont want you all and they cant have all of the gals in world, they gotta choose one and you might or might not be the one.. so teenage highschool gossipers…….! grow up! ;p

  12. 16 stacey kim

    Although I really like him I’m happy for him no matter what.
    Hahaha he looks so cute in this picture.
    He told me once that he doesn’t like the way he comes out in pictures.
    But I disagreed with him.
    I live in America so I don’t get to see him a lot but we text when he’s not too busy.

    Oh yeah, haha if you’re reading this comment and are confused…
    My aunt works in SM Town and she always gets backstage passes for Music Bank and Inkigayo.
    So when I visited her in Korea she took me backstage of Music Bank.
    Big Bang was preforming that night and I met them 🙂
    Ji Yong oppa was really nice and I went to go visit him a lot.
    So now we are friends.
    I asked him about this scandal and he said he doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore and the only reason he went to the strip club was to congratulate his ex-girlfriend/friend on her business.
    Got anymore questions??

    • 17 Wise D High Voltage

      omg..i need your help.sINCE YOU’RE CLOSE TO Ji yong.me and friends really wanna be YG Trainees,do you mind helping us out please.email me up at auzee1ahmaD@HOTMAIL.COM.They haven’t replied my email and we’re panicking.We’re not Korean though but wth,I’m in love with YG..hE MADE SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE IN THE MUSIC COMPANY.I LOVE YG SINCE 1994!!!I’M bruneian though.me and friends are a group of 6 girls.same concept as 2ne1 though but,we’re bruneians.=D.PLEASE HELP US,I’M BEGGING YOU DESPERATELY!!!!ON MY KNEES!!!and yay.Ji yONG is hot.=_=.

    • 18 Wise D High Voltage

      i meant i replied to yg.not sure if i sent it to the correct emails.please add me up!!!!!(CRYING BADLY)

    • 19 lalalaBIGBANG

      dannggg, you know BIGBANG? So freaaaking Luckyyy. And you bet Ji Yongie. :(. SO SO SO SO LUCCCCKY. *sigh* I envy you.

    • 20 Anna

      I’m really surprise that you personally know him….WOW that’s so amazing! I know I’m a little slow because you posted this like last year but I found out about them like half a year ago when my friend introduced me to them and ever since I been following them. Just listening to their music and stuff never actually goggling them but now i have speech in class and I decided to talk about him….so trying to find some info. btw i’m chinese and also live in america. So are you Korean? I been wanting to learn korean…maybe we can be friend and you can help learn korean 🙂 lol

    • 21 beverly

      omg.. u text him? cn u gv me his number? pls..
      so lucky

      • 22 Austin_just saying cause she feels...

        Why would u want his number? Thats a little sad no offense.

    • 23 beverly

      u r so lucky… can u gv me his number? pls

    • 25 lollidela

      OH. hi there! im Alex, a big BIG BANG fan lol…so, i don’t really have a reason for writing this message, but i check out on the internet to find.(BUT NO RESULTS) info about ji dragon and YG family and with more luck ..their mails :D…yeah.(childish!) no reason for that true 🙂 well if i think better ..i have a reson but it is not very..good. i just wanna talk with them…somehow..in a way or another..you now? im not really a fan im more that that! i love them! i…admire their work! i am not really a craizy fan or something cuz lord! they are people too!..i know what they do and how and why but i wanna know how they think and what kind of persons really are….im just a simple person who wanna ,,meet,, or know ( how you wanna say that) other simple persons…real life! it is not another one! but it;s hard cuz that means life…so..i really dont know if you read this or not but it was funny to try! ….PEACE BRO!

    • 26 Regina

      Hey Stacey,

      I’m not sure whether to believe you or not, about how you know gd, but im hanging on the hope. hahah I am from australia and currently trying to break into the music industry, this may be too much to ask but could you, if it were possible, contact g-dragon to contact me and my band via 3037@mackillopsh.vic.edu.au. Anyway, that’s all i really have to say 🙂


      Regina. xxo

    • 27 GDDDD

      soo lucckkyyyy
      pass on ur knowledge and give us his fone numberr

    • 28 GDDDD

      soo lucckkyyyy
      pass on ur knowledge and give us his fone numberr

    • 29 kpopaddict

      Is it really believable that you have contact with G-Dragon?? o.o

  13. 30 Paradise

    very thank frome 12

    i understand very clearly no matter he has girlfriend or not i don’t mine 😀

    just like Big Bang and like him

    support him that all XD

  14. 31 mnp wannabe

    gaya ui..
    jiyong damang??

  15. LOL. This is shocking!!

  16. 34 vanessa

    hola g-dragon te pasaste para hacerme esto con esa enamorada buno esta linda pero me paretes el corazon aun asi te seguire queriendo y algun dia espero conocerte en persona espero que ese dia llegue pronto te admiro muxo me gustas bastente pero posa bien pzz haz bunas poses

    te amo te amo te amo …………………….bye

  17. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oh man he has a girlfriend??? but… well i guess this is how it should be. but i love you so much maybe you are not going read but still… i am terribly shocked whe i found out today that you have a girlfriend i just wanna cry

  18. I’m so be glad to hear that
    I love him so much. he is a nice guy for me
    someday I’ll go to korea to seen him on his concert


    it’s so imposible,i can’t believe this,huhuhuh

  20. 38 renee

    g-dragon has a girlfriend, my cousin knows her

  21. 40 xxamvhOtxx

    i’ve heard he had a girlfriend before..
    she was a model..
    i’ve also heard that he even shouted the letter “J” in one song w/c was the 1st letter of the girl’s name…

  22. 41 lisa

    O>M>G GD had a good taste hahaha, they’re a really match couple but i feel sorry 4 them because she now is his ex…they broke up huhuhuu


  24. 43 SteppieSHY

    I honestly have no idea as to what to say about this article. However, I will say this:

    I honestly do not think that GD would date someone. 1) the fans would obviously get upset and start posting about this and talk about it. The celebrities should know about that. 2) If they were to keep it a secret (apparently, it isn’t), it would be super hard because there are cameras and the paparazzi following them around. So it would be hard to not make them curious. 3) If the media was to figure out about this, his reputation would go down drastically (once again, referring back to reason 1).

    About the trans-gender strip club, I really have no clue on whatever I should say. Seungri is a little too young to be going to clubs, isn’t he? Correct me if I’m wrong… However, if he is old enough, then he’s old enough. He probably just wanted to know what it was like. *shrugs* Or maybe he had a friend there or something… I don’t know… LOL ^^;;

    My advice: If you were to see a rumor, do not think of the worst case scenario. Just try to think it out a little, before posting out your opinion. I mean, you can do whatever you want; post the first thing that comes to mind and whatever. However, it would be best if you thought about it first, so that you don’t confuse anyone or anything like that. ^^;;

    Thank you for posting! Kamsa hapnida~

  25. Stacey Kim, I got a question. CAN YOU HOOK A SISTER UP?! lol 🙂

    hahah btw i think people should read her reply because i think it’s an actual explination. BTW i don’t get why so many fans get so upset if their celeb crush is dating. If Yunho oppa was dating i’ll be happy for him..


  26. 45 xit

    oh!!I really love GD!!
    anyway what’s wrong with that??
    its his EX anyway

  27. 47 person

    Wow staceykim that’s so cool. JEALOUS. lol i wanna meet them and this may sound really wrong but u should touch them alot more. lol srry anyways that is still so cool. So are u only real close to ji Yong?

  28. 48 bieberry

    she’s juz EX…………………………………………

  29. 49 sabiiee

    i know its shokking gerls im a fan too but listen none of us here has a chance with them wake up!!sorry to be harsh but reality hurts! By the way he disnt even know you existe okay hes hot…reall hot they all are but you still need to be realist and stay on earth dreaming is fine but while you dream you dont advence in anything so….forget it and live your life stay fan though they really are great but none of you nore me will never have a chance and probably meet them anyways! 😛

  30. 50 rockie

    um, why does the stripclub thing even matter? who the fuck cares. does it really matter that they went to a stripclub and it was transgender? sigh, people make such a big deal out of trivial things.

  31. 51 Winnie

    wouldn’t people think that G dragon and So hee from W

  32. 52 Winnie

    wouldn’t people think that G dragon and So hee from Wonder Girl is a cute match . They say together in concerts adn show that the 2 bands did with each other

  33. 53 Christina

    awww i wish i met him. i agree with sabiiee. We are never going to be “up there” with the girls that hes hanging around and seeing (especially us in america).. He is really good at spitting in korean.. too bad theres no way of meeting them as friends instead of a fan hahah

  34. 54 Christina

    hey staceykim or anyone else, where can i find any korean guys like that around usa??? lol la’s korean guys do not look like ji 😦

  35. 55 Lui

    Awww. GD has a girlfriend. They look alike,though. It’s okay for me, as long as he’s happy and inspired.

    I think they have not broken up yet. I read in an article that they broke up last August 10, 2007, becuase of the fans I think. But this club incident happened at 2008. So, I think they are still together. Oh well, just my opinion.

  36. omg!!! i cant belive that i’m so freaken piss at this pix man omg i’m going to cry i’m so in love with him he is so freaken hot man!!!!!!

  37. 57 bigbangbangVIP

    That’s so awesome!!
    If i were u i would’ve stayed i n koreaa
    I heard that SMTown was mean to its trainees
    Ohyea ,
    Say hi to GD for me ¤_¤

  38. I want holiday, my examen sucks

  39. 59 Han Sung park

    That’s so awesome!!
    Why not you just stayed in korea??
    it must be very great…
    would you like to say hi
    to GD and T.O.P for me^^??
    But is that rumors were true??
    But as long it makes GD happy i will be happy tooo….
    But i was so saaaad… when i hear about itT.T

  40. 60 Stacey

    Hey you guys!
    Sorry my internet was down for a real long time so I didn’t get to reply to anyone.
    So thank you so much for all the comments 🙂

    The reason I left Korea was because my parent’s business was going through a difficult time and they believed that they would do better in America.
    So to my great disappointment we moved.
    I’m currently living in Oregon and actually my best friend Arther is Seungi’s cousin. 🙂

    • 61 karimah

      TO STACEY,
      i’m just wanna to ask u one question….
      are Seung Ri getting a married?????with u????how long they being together????
      i’m a big fans of GD n big bang……
      so,i’m really hope that u will reply this message as soon as possible…..
      or u can reply it to my email:emah_hot222@rocketmail.com
      please…i need to know about it…..please

    • 62 iman_anime

      hi stacey!!
      is it true tht u really knows g-d?

  41. 63 Stacey

    Hey you guys!
    Sorry my internet was down for a real long time so I didn’t get to reply to anyone.
    So thank you so much for all the comments 🙂

    The reason I left Korea was because my parent’s business was going through a difficult time and they believed that they would do better in America.
    So to my great disappointment we moved.
    I’m currently living in Oregon and actually my best friend Arther is Seungi’s cousin. 🙂

    And about the rumors of SM Town being mean to their trainees is just a rumor.
    They may be a bit strict but it’s just cause they want whats best for them.

  42. 64 loveG-D forever

    When I see this message, I was so angry and sad. Because I love G-D so much. I love him for a long time ago. I love him when I was 14. Ilove Kwon Ji Yong. I don’t like he to go with other girls. I only want he belong to me. I don’t like he to have a girlfriend.I love him sooooooooooooooo much. I love him forever

  43. 65 iheartGD

    uhm. this is just rumor guys. and sabiiee dont ever say like that because its possible to be friends with a celebrity. lol i still heart him anyway. and thos rumors are all lies!!

  44. 66 iheartGD

    stop dreaming loveG-D forever lol yeah its possible but hes not yours!

  45. 67 Nats

    okaie okaieee,
    GOSH ! so what he has a girlfriend,
    its his life, every men will probably one dayy have one?
    isnt it normal for a guy to have a GF??
    ESPECIALLYY, a hottie like this one?! not just you sherry, but everybody,
    like calm down, seriously,
    its not a BIG deal, okaiee, you can be like, oh shes ugly or pretty WTv.
    but like, let him have one. let him have a life, and these things are interesting, ok, but PRIVATE for him, them, any celebrity.
    let them go.

  46. 68 sammy

    Oh i don’t get this seung ri want out with G-Drangon EX-girlfriend will i love Seung ri he is my fan i don’t thing so

  47. 69 kae so hee

    ha??wat da??graveh ka A!!nyahahhaha=)

  48. 70 kae so hee

    graveh ka true hehhee=)

  49. 71 Hyoo_khee

    oh G-Dragon i’m so sad…………..
    no no no no if you happy i’m so happy

  50. 72 MzmAtlin

    sooo Tina (my friend) she like or love G Dragon of cause she like him if like. if like have her msn is cutepup_01@hotmail.com

  51. 73 iluvbb3ty1

    a trans gender strip club???
    owned by his ex-gf??
    those are like so rich girls!!!!
    I don’t lyk flirty strip goers!

    • 74 Tae Yang

      hey hey. that is my girlfriend u are talking about. i asked her back out. so now no one can ask me out on a date.

  52. 75 คนรักจียง


  53. 76 lemontea

    hi Stacey
    i hav a question about gd, he seems a bit changed, is he gay????

  54. what the hell!!
    GD had a gf???
    but i don’t care coz i alwayz luv him..
    (HeeDragon) alwayz…no one else…^^

  55. 78 phurbzzz

    crazy fans

  56. 79 omona

    well…seriously i’m too late for this story…
    i dont care he has gf or not…
    i love him,,,who knows maybe he will be mine soon…lol..jk only…
    and i love heedragon<3

  57. 80 teresa

    i don’t want big bang have gf…. acxually g-dragon and seungri… i hope they don’t have a gf right now … that’s sad when i heard they have one … i’m in the bad mood now..hm……..

  58. 81 xxxxx

    uhh. we can love him but he only think us as a fans. btw, i really like GD before. but now, i heard some rumours saying that he is smoking. i kinda hate that. and now he looks matured. looks like he is not the GD before. he change his style, he throw away his caps and his hiphop style. -.-

  59. 82 linlin

    she is her EX-GF..

  60. 83 miyrearl

    gd are mine! he should has another gf. that just her EX. not more than that. so dont thing anything that not good.

  61. 84 Top

    I don’t really care that g-dragon has a (ex) girlfriend! he is famous yes!!!!! but he is a human as well, all celebrities are normal humans as well. the fans should accept who they go out with or who they like. just because they are celebrities it still doesn’t mean that they aren’t humans and all of the world’s people are humans. what’s the difference? even though Big Bang is my favorite band and even though i like them and yes!, i would be a little sad and mad if one of them have/had a girlfriend. but when i think about it it’s true we all are humans as long as they are happy i don’t care. i don’t care who they go out with as long as they are happy!!!!!!!! even if she is a normal person not a celebrity or even if she is ugly! as long as they are happy i am content!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv Big Bang<<<<<<<<<<<3333333333333333333

  62. Hi,everybody you guys don’t have to be jealous i mean we are not couple anymore we break up ok and you guys don’t have to be jealous or sad an whatever.I mean you all still my fans.

  63. 89 G-Rad19

    so…i love Big Bang so much….but my love is GD….im a big fan of Big bang….
    big bang..Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    F: ((Morocco))…..girl.

  64. 90 Seung Ri

    hi i am seung ri. i am here to tell you that everything about tae yang is false. i have a girlfriend though. i met her when i was 16 and she was 13. she is now 18 and i am now 21. i will marry her on Febuary 14, 2010. Valentine’s day. I am so sorry. I think that big bang will break up. if you are ok or not to let me marry my girlfriend e-mail me at my girlfriends e-mail. it is

    • 91 KILLIE

      Oh common, don’t liars baby. You are not Victory. You just a bitch…:)

  65. G-Dragon have girlfriend? T_T
    return me please T_T

  66. 93 Linh

    btw im a girl hehe

  67. 94 lady G

    Kwon Ji-yung

    I suddenly forgot how to speak! Can i just sing it?
    here we go. tell me her name i want to know the way she looks and where you go ineed to see he face i need to understand wh you and i came to an end ………..

  68. LOL you guys are sad…
    Even the ones that are posing as big bang or claim to know them.. how funny. lol
    you guys have no life at all

  69. 96 Rian

    What the hell is wrong with you guys? Don’t get me wrong, I DO love GD but Im not selfish as you are. Who cares if he really dated [or STILL DO] this girl? He deserve to be happy even if he’s an Artist. If you’re truly love him then you would understand. If not, then dont consider yourself as one. Pisses me off. You guys are basically the main reason why Idols in Korean can’t data even if they want to!

  70. 97 Merubin

    He’s just gay.

  71. 98 karimah

    to Gd,i’m really like u…..
    are Seung Ri fall in love with someone????……….
    with u?????….
    i’m from Malaysian…..i’m big fan’s of u…so,i’m curios about something……
    are u gay????…i believe that u are a straight men but just that……
    i hope that u wouldn’t hate me because what i said it to u……
    i don’t care u with someone alse but……as long u happy n i hope the girl is really suitable n honestly in love with u….
    please reply my message….i waiting…….for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 99 XXxxMELL0xxXX

    I’m now unhappy 😦

    • 100 Austin_just saying cause she feels...

      Seriously no offense but dude if you want to kill her…and you personally dont know him and his GF then what the hell?! sometimes I think girls are so fluffy that they need medical attention…no offense. He’s a normal guy and I’m sure he doesnt want all these girls killing his exes! he’d have to attend alot of funerals. Anyways…once again i mean this to be rude, but if a fifteen year old has to tell you this than that is sad…really sad.

  73. 101 KI

    he has a girlfriend now? (:

  74. 102 LOL

    Are all the fans that stupit? (i don’t mean all of them) , but when i read thi article i think most of you are abnormal .
    How can u say such words ? “i’ll kill her ” “I’m so sad going tu suicide ” and so on?
    Just be his fan omg! u think u can have him? he is just a singer (handsome one,has a talent ) but he is just a human like us.
    And yeah, most of you also say “who care ?” it’s right !!!!!! It’s his life , it’s bad having a GF ,he deserve it!!!! Don’t tell me that some of u didn’t ever have a GF or BF ,it’s just a normal thing have somebody to love!
    You also have BF/GF and you should care more for you them rather say something stupid like this .
    I also have BF , and i love him , he will be my future , so i care more than this if i can chose.
    You don’t have to prove that you are his super best fan ,keep it for youself, just be a fan and support him! like many ways to support !

    If you have GF or BF , i think he/she will somehow be sad , if they know you are like that. (You love him more than your BF/GF)

    I’m his fan too ,fan of BB ,especialy GD ,and I’ll always support him
    !!!!<<>>!!!! don’t be a crazy stupid girl , don’t be gossip girl ,be glad for him ! his GF is not some COW for u , so don’t kill her , you don’t have to be upset rather be glad that he has somebody ,if u think that person must be you than that girl , then i’m SORRY i have to SAY ” YOU ARE STUPID ” LOL !!!
    I feel soryy for GD if he has some GF like that.

    To sum up , sorry if i said somwthing wrong , i just wanny say be glad for that , don’t say cursed word (i kiil her…)be his fan and support him !forever! is the best way!
    Hate Papparazzi and gossip

    PS: sry for my english

  75. 103 meloni

    um a date a girl that owns a transgender strip club is like dating a girl thats the daughter of hell

  76. 104 G Dragon My Love

    No, I very love GD i don’t want that. I broken and I want to die

  77. 105 KEllY

    Oh common, GD is nothing to everybody love. He just a human, and what ever=.=’. I don’t care him. (But i’m not hate him:D)

  78. 106 Dare

    i feel sad to hear that but i hope u will be happy and be a strong person but i always be the big fans of yg and bigbang

  79. 107 Austin_just saying cause she feels...

    Foo~ every one is so concerned with what goes on in his life….gee poor guy. All those love sick puppies out there…hahaha so why do people like him so much?
    I mean he’s cute….sings great and has a puppy but he’s a normal person. It’s pretty much impossible to hook up with the guy so why are there so many girls confessing their undying love. Also why do people have names like G-Dragons Girlfriend…no offense to you girls out there who practically dream about the guy.
    I just dont get why all the girls LOVE him. Explain please.

  80. 108 G-dragon's NEW girlfriend

    Isn’t that girl Kim jina, the girl he was yelling out her name on his mv of “this love”, remember???
    “j yahhh!”

  81. 110 miyrearl

    he still mine
    i love him deeply…
    i dont care what they say..

  82. OMG!!!there’s nothing real about that!!huhu…GD oppa..!!♥

  83. 112 ZEKWO

    Hey guys. I really don´t know what i should believe. I really love Kwon JiYong. And in one day when i´m older i will travel to South Korea to meet Kwon JiYong. I don´t know if he has a girlfriend or not. I heard that he is together with Sandara Park. ????? I love him and i really don´t want that he has a girlfriend. I want that i´m his girlfriend 🙂 I even dreamed that he married me 😉 Some of you will think that this is childish, but i don´t care. Yes i love him but my bigges wish for him is that he is happy. He even don´t know me, how can he be happy with me? 🙂 haha. I don´t want to share him with other girls or women but if he is happy, i´m happy too. I live in Germany and he is far away from me. I hope that the destiny is by my side and i can meet him.


  84. 113 Soo

    hello guys,
    I actually have no idea about this page but I’m just gonna write it down..
    he was just related to a scandel with Mizuhara Kiko who is a model in japan.
    it could be a rumor or could be a fact!
    in my opinion, it doesn’t matter if he has a gf or not.. cuz he’s a normal man and I just love his music, I would be happy to see him with his gf since she’s a good one lol! hopefully everybody’s with me! 🙂

    anyway, wishes luck to him and bigbang! Love yall!

  85. 114 Soo

    and WTF about transgender strip club rumor?
    that’s not true at all…. there’s like private party for some relatives.. I mean close friend or something.. that’s what i heard and she’s his ex! no haters anymore

  86. 115 honey

    it’s true,GD have a girlfriend ?? wow,i suggest that she is a lucky person…

  87. 116 AssangeScela

    Where is admin?!
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