Sawajiri Erika, “Betsu-ni” and Marriage


Since my sister is playing the piano and I can’t study with all the music, I shall post about Sawajiri Erika! Just read in today’s mypaper that she is apparently getting married!

WELL, they reported a while back that she wanted to get married, and a bit before was the “Betsu-ni” riot — at some PR event she apparently said “betsu-ni” (sort of like, “nothing much”/ 没什么)in a really bored/fed up/sian manner to the interviewer and glared at the cam or smth and then she soon got black-listed/crucified by the media. (much like Koda Kumi’s recent hoo-ha about wombs rotting by the time you’re 30. ha ha)


Sawajiri Erika as Ikeuchi Aya in “1 litre of Tears”, the Dorama that shot her to fame.


Sawajiri Erika, during the “Betsu-ni” interview

more on Erika (“Betsu-ni” and a related Led Zeppelin interview in Japan–quite amusing) :

31 Responses to “Sawajiri Erika, “Betsu-ni” and Marriage”

  1. 1 mr-smiley

    hey erika dont get married coz ur still young u have a lot of things 2 do understand,but 8s upon on you coz 8s ur life,kambani hhe,go go go!!!

  2. 2 Nyoman

    U’re beautifull girl

  3. erika sawajiri is the best. I Love You Erika. my Love for You will never change, my Love for you will never Die. because your forever in my heart.

  4. i like you..can i get your ym?? so that i can chat you..

  5. 5 Kazee Tan

    Hi.., im Kazee Tan/23/male fr0m philippines.., here in our country.., we really love your drama series of “1 litre of tears” and we really admire you in a fact that you given us kn0wledge about that desease..,

  6. 6 Kazee Tan

    and yet.., its still n0t finished.., i hope i can view it every night..,

    And 1 more thing.., as i read all the comments in your blog.., well n0 body can st0p you fr0m what you really want to do in your life..,

  7. 7 Kazee Tan

    But still you should have plans in your life., thank you for this blog i really appreciate it.., take care always

  8. 8 Leigh

    hi erika you are so beautiful…
    but you disappointed me because you are still young why do you decided to get married….
    but even 1 million or more comments i leave here that is your own life and i don’t have the power to change your mind….
    please don’t regret because that is your decision…
    i still love you…
    and im waiting to your next movie…
    i love you now and forever….

  9. 10 markjude s villanueva

    hi erica im just finish the movie 1 litre of tears then i decide who are you and try to say thank you and im your fan i never forget your face ur pretty face i just what you to know that i like you if i have a chance to have a wish to talk to you i wish i hear your voice and talk to you and i wish my wish will be granted.. and about to your merried its up to you just i hope your not regret.. thank you and i love you erika

    markjude from philippines
    00639064387011 or home 006323793573 hope i hear your voice

    • ur show is the no.1 here in philippines… pilipinos love one litter of tears…..

      • 12 Jiru

        oh you like 1 littoru of tears. Dont give away your number. You will receive prank calls from me.hehee

  10. 13 bzlwlk

    hey erika you are young to get married,and i love your movie “1 liter of tears” you are best actress ever!i love you forever and i wish you have a frienster or facebook to become your friend.But by the way i ask pangulong Macapagal Arroyo to have a very beutiful uniform like that (japanese uniform girl) hahahaha!!!!

    • the “1 litre of tears” that you’re watching in philippines is not a movie! it’s the drama version of the novel/diary. the movie version is a different version. but still about the same disease…starring : asae oonishi as aya kito. 🙂

      • we love aya… we want to c u soon… if u have time plz go to our place… ur very welcome here in philippines…..

  11. hmmmmm

    she’s beautiful……..

    but i like the most



    from TEKKEN(‘_’)…………

  12. 17 rinz

    .’to one liter of tears .!!

    aYa is she is beutiful.!!

    im so belive to in ur movie..
    and nxt tym..zna ulitn niu pu ulit ung movie niu,,tnxz.!!


  13. 18 grace

    erika, ur so nice and beautiful.,.

  14. hi erika i thank you because i great you watching 1 liters tears

  15. hi erika im miss you

  16. 21 aNn^_^

    …wHo’s tHE LuCKy boy???

  17. 22 rick

    i love u so much aya.. I am ur n0. 1 fan here in the Philippines. I want to see u personally so if u hav tym, please visit our country.. U ar really a big star here.. God bless always.. I love u.. I never felt this b4 .. Huh.. Take care!

  18. 23 cristine

    i love 1 liter of tears

  19. 24 Tomu

    Ichi rittoru no namida was great . cant blive your face has chnged so much.

  20. 25 ALISON *


  21. 26 ALISON *


  22. 27 ALISON *

    I wish that there will be more drama of ERIKA and RYO

  23. 28 -K

    MRS. Erika Nishikido


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