Korea’s Meteor Garden



This was my inspiration to start a gossip blog to amuse myself. HAHA! I can’t wait for this to come out! Click on the picture for the link to a more experienced + professional gossip blog, which provides more information. Meanwhile…

Who would I want to act as Doumyouji? AKA Dao Ming Si 道明寺?What will his korean name be? HAHA. I personally did NOT like either Jerry Yan OR Matsumoto Jun, so please Korea cast somebody nice!!! ^_^ Like:


bigbangtop.jpg    top.jpg

TOP from big bang!!! ( I heard somebody say online that he has already been approached to act in this drama, so goody!) Actually my fav Big Bang member is G-Dragon! But I don’t think he suits any of the characters in Meteor Garden, hmm. =/

What about Hanazawa Rui/ Hua Ze Lei?

dbskhero.jpg   dbskhero1.jpg

My sister is crazy over DBSK but I don’t know much about them! Anyway, it’s Hero, JaeJoong from DBSK! (think he does look quite cute though, epicene beauty, oooo all that androgyny!)

And lastly, for Shan Cai/Tsukushi, i’d like Moon Geun Young!!


However, she apparently cut her hair –> http://popseoul.com/2008/01/11/moon-geun-young-follows-in-yun-eun-hyes-footsteps/

so i’m not sure if she’ll get the part =(

I think that they MAY approach Wondergirls’ So Hee also, because from what I read on gossip blogs she SEEMS to be the talk o’ the town in korea at the moment. but i may be mistaken.


ok now i wonder if any of my guesses will be right!!! ^_^

(my sister says it’s quite impossible to get Hero, he’s too busy. oh well. =( never mind! )

7 Responses to “Korea’s Meteor Garden”

  1. 1 shan

    hiii choon! eh Moon Geun Young looks very familiarrr!
    and hero looks very much like a hanazawa rui. hahaa

  2. she acted in autumn in my heart!!! HAHAHAHA ^_^
    so happy you visited!!! *pom poms*


    but hero is wayyy too famous + popular so i don’t think he can.

  3. 3 Harle

    I’ve been thinking that Lee Min Ki (Dal Ja’s Spring) could be a perfect Hanazawa Rui. What do you think of him?

  4. Haha I’ve just googled some pictures of him but haven’t seen him act yet!!! so not sure… but i wonder when the cast will be finalized!!!

  5. TOP for Domyouji!!! yay~

  6. 6 sOyAnG

    OMG!!!….If this is true, I’ll be def waiting for it…….ESPECIALLY if T.O.P is gonna be in there…..He’ s my boo all the way…..LOL! But I wonder whose role he wud play…..Well, when I watched the Japanese verison, I felt that she shud have ended up wid Oguri’s character but that didnt happen…..Well, I hope T.O.P gets the girl in the end if he does do the series….LOL!…Love T.O.P!! xoxo

  1. 1 Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 12th April 2008 « My First Gossip Blog

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